About Me



I call Anchorage, Alaska my home as it was the place I grew up and made lifelong memories—memories like camping at 20 below zero, playing ice hockey for seven years and seeing the northern lights from my house. I moved to Oregon after graduating high school to begin my career path in the vast wold of storytelling. I have long been intrigued by stories of fascinating people, like the “Madres” I met in Argentina, who continue to fight for answers to the disappearance of their children during the military dictatorship in the ’70s (read the story). One of my current projects is a documentary about polar explorer, Norman Vaughan, who was dedicated a 10,300 foot mountain in his name by Adm. Richard E. Byrd during a 1928 expedition to Antarctica, which he later climbed 3 days before his 89th birthday. Stories like these capture my imagination and I plan to continue pursuing them, whether in literary or visual form, all my life. I enjoy traveling, music, reading and anything outdoors.

Connect with me at hartwell.christian1@gmail.com or find me on Facebook/LinkedIn.