Going Home

While in Alaska during spring break, I seized each day in order to remember the land where I grew up, as well as gain new memories. My dad and I visited everywhere from Girdwood to 40 miles south of North America’s largest peak, Mt. Denali, on a photographic mission to document Alaska’s history as well as capture her beauty. I spent time with friends I had gone to preschool with, I worked on a documentary about a legend of the Arctic with a legacy that transcends his 100th birthday, I ate delicious home cooked meals every day my mother prepared, and I got to experience Easter with my family at my favorite church. As the sun set late each night (after 8 p.m.) I knew I was nearing my inevitable return to school. Even though it was a short trip, the experience re-established the mindset I often leave behind. It was a reminder that there are places and things greater than myself, and sometimes I just need to stop and appreciate them. Until next time AK.


Here are some photos from my trip:

Alaska Train
Alaska Railroad
Early Arrivals
Dall Sheep
Dall sheep lamb
House Remains
1964 earthquake house remains
Swamped Truck
Swamped truck from 1964 earthquake
General Store
General store
Mt. Denali
Mt. Denali lit by setting sun
Downtown Anchorage from a distance
Fourth Avenue Theatre, opened in 1941
Overlook of boat in Knik Arm



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